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~ ~ December 10th 2018 ~ ~
Our headliners:
~ ~ What happened this week... ~ ~
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From the pen of our Head Honcho and Houseband Bassist - Terry Duggan:

It made a pleasant change to have a bass-player as our houseband guest this week, even more so because that houseband guest was none other than Max Edwards, who has my deepest admiration and respect. To add even more quality we had an extremely talent multi-instrumentalist in the shape of Raf who, at short notice, played superb support on guitar. The reason I say short notice is because during the week Max was unable to pass on his proposed set-list to Raf: nobody including myself had any contact details for Raf, despite him being a regular visitor to the jam! It was only thanks to the response of my eleventh hour plea on Facebook that Max and Raf finally made contact and were able to rush off a set-list.

Despite the late drama these two amazing musicians managed to put on an excellent opening set accompanied by our ever-dependable Reg Patten, while I had the luxury to sit back and drool over Max's bass-playing. Max brought along a nice mix of numbers beginning with "I Ain't Superstitious", which had me scampering off my chair to switch on the mp3 recorder much to Richard Stenhouse's amusement - I think I missed just a few bars. Four more numbers followed and what was noticeable was how relatively short these numbers were. In retrospect I think I should've asked Max, Raf and Reg to play one or two more - although I may have been influenced by the number of Jammers' names that were already on the signing-in sheet. Nevertheless, we did have the pleasure of the houseband playing two more numbers at the end of the night with "I'm A Mover" and "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City".

Our thanks to Max and Raf (and of course Reg) for performing two excellent mini-sets, it would bea real pleasure to see Max and Raf back here as houseband guests in the New Year.

It was another busy night which once again produced one or two pleasant surprises, it was only a few hours before this week's jam that I was wondering if Steve Monk would eventually find his way to our new venue, then while I was standing at the bar I turned around and - hey presto! - there he was in all his glory - but, incredibly, for a few moments I couldn't remember his name! But I was very pleased to see him and I thoroughly enjoyed his tasteful guitar-playing on his rendition of Peter Green's "If You Let Me Love You". Memo to myself&358; I must invite him for a guest-spot in the New Year.

Surprise number two was seeing Mick Scriven here. Mick is not only a great keyboard-player but he's also a bass-player that I very much admire - it was no surprise therefore that we asked him to play bass on Mike Dearing's jam-set. We extracted more from Mick by giving him a vocal jam-set which featured his piano-playing talents - and how good it was to hear a Louis Jordan number!

Nice to see the Kent contingent of Mike Dearing and Matt Withey back here. Mike also had an extra jam-set playing bass - and so did Richard Stenhouse and, as already mentioned, Mick Scriven. Looking around the room it was observed that we had NINE bass-players which also included Raf, Tony Myers (yes, Tony Myers), Gus Denton, Wayne Worrell, our MC Dave Thomas and yours truly. Guitar-players were in abundance too and of the highest quality, and with four drummers here this week it was quite a feat in arranging the jam-sets. The icing on the cake were saxophonists Alan Elliott, Peter Harvie and harp-player Ned Phillips.

A thoroughly enjoyable night was had by all and without further ado let's give credit to all our Jammers by calling...

The Roll Of Honour:

  • Guitar+Vocals - Simon Durham, Mike Dearing, Matt Withey and Steve Monk
  • Bass+Vocals - Dave Thomas
  • Keys+Vocals - Mick Scriven
  • Guitar - Raf, Richard Stenhouse, Kevin Molyneux, Ian Hammond, Tony Myers, Kevin O'Brien, Chris Greene and James Hughes
  • Harp - Ned Phillips
  • Sax - Alan Elliott and Peter Harvie
  • Bass - Richard Stenhouse, Mike Dearing, Mick Scriven, Gus Denton and Terry Duggan
  • Drums - Vladimir Kosanskij, Marc Turner, Wayne Worrell and Reg Patten

Ernie King's videos can be seen on his YouTube channel (see below), and our Webmaster Ken Cumberlidge will be loading a batch of mp3s into the audio player very soon.

As always I wish to thank Ernie King and Richard Stenhouse for setting out the equipment and stacking it all away at the end of the night.

We cannot forgot Vera's expert arrangement of this week's jam sets - all six of them!

A special word of appreciation to our MC Dave Thomas. After a long and tiring day's work he arrived at the jam totally exhausted. I should've advised him to take the night off, but with the inspiration of some great music being played his enthusiasm quickly returned and he was soon back hosting at his usual best - thanks Dave!

Next week at Leytonstone Blues Jam:
Our houseband guests next week will be our jovial MC Dave Thomas accompanied by his equally jovial side-kick John Crowther, who will be putting us in the Christmas mood. This, incidentally, will be our very last jam of 2018.

One tradition that will not be broken is Vera's scrumptious abundance of free food that will be on show - plus, on entry, a free raffle ticket with many prizes to be won. We sincerely thank Ron Wortley-Millek for his generosity in contributing towards our Christmas party - our funds were running quite low this year, so Ron's donation is very much appreciated! Please arrive nice and early on what promises to be another fabulous Christmas party night!

Please note also, after next week we will take our usual two-week break and return on January 7th 2019.

Something for the weekend:
On Friday 14th December, our friends at St Harmonica's Blues Club will be presenting another quality night of Blues when "Serious Blues" will be providing the entertainment. For further details at this wonderful venue, please VISIT THE ST. HARMONICA'S WEBPAGE

On Saturday 15th December our other good friend Conrad Di Ianni will be guesting with Ronnie Collins' Last Project at The Manor Arms, 150 East India Dock Road, E14 0BP. 3pm - 6pm - free entertainment at this crazy but welcoming little pub.

Thanking all our Jammers & Listeners,


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Max Edwards [Bass+Vocals] / Raf [Gtr] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Max Edwards [Bass+Vocals] / Raf [Gtr] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Max Edwards [Bass+Vocals] / Raf [Gtr] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Max Edwards [Bass+Vocals] / Raf [Gtr] / Reg Patten [Drums]
AIN'T NO LOVE (In The Heart of the City)
Max Edwards [Bass+Vocals] / Raf [Gtr] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Simon Durham [Gtr+Vocals] / Raf [Gtr] / Mick Scriven [Keys] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Simon Durham [Gtr+Vocals] / Raf [Gtr] / Mick Scriven [Keys] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Mike Dearing [Gtr+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse [Gtr] / Mick Scriven [Bass] / Vladimir Kosanskij [Drums]
Mike Dearing [Gtr+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse [Gtr] / Mick Scriven [Bass] / Vladimir Kosanskij [Drums]
Matt Withey [Gtr+Vocals] / Kevin Molyneux [Gtr] / Alan Elliott [Sax] / Mike Dearing [Bass] / Vladimir Kosanskij [Drums]
Matt Withey [Gtr+Vocals] / Kevin Molyneux [Gtr] / Alan Elliott [Sax] / Mike Dearing [Bass] / Vladimir Kosanskij [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Bass+Vocals] / Kevin O'Brien and Tony Myers [Gtrs] / Peter Harvie [Sax] / Marc Turner [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Bass+Vocals] / Kevin O'Brien and Tony Myers [Gtrs] / Peter Harvie [Sax] / Marc Turner [Drums]
Steve Monk [Gtr+Vocals] / Ian Hammond [Gtr] / Ned Phillips [Harp] / Richard Stenhouse [Bass] / Marc Turner [Drums]
Steve Monk [Gtr+Vocals] / Ian Hammond [Gtr] / Ned Phillips [Harp] / Richard Stenhouse [Bass] / Marc Turner [Drums]
Mick Scriven [Keys+Vocals] / Chris Greene and James Hughes [Gtrs] / Gus Denton [Bass] / Wayne Worrell [Drums]
Mick Scriven [Keys+Vocals] / Chris Greene and James Hughes [Gtrs] / Gus Denton [Bass] / Wayne Worrell [Drums]
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