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~ ~ September 17th 2018 ~ ~
Our headliner:
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From the pen of our Head Honcho and Houseband Bassist - Terry Duggan:

For the past several weeks we have been encouraged by a steady increase in attendances, but history has always proved to me that for no apparent reason our attendance will suddenly take a nose-dive from time to time and this was just one of those weeks. I've always maintained that our attendances whether they be low or high are not determined by whoever our houseband guest may be and this week's houseband guest Dave Richards fully understood this I was relieved to know - not that the size of the audience made any difference because Dave put in an excellent performance with a somewhat trimmed-down houseband of Reg Patten and yours truly.

Even though Dave has to travel up from South London, he has been arguably one of our most regular visitors ever since day one at our new venue, so when Dave politely asked for a guest-spot I was more than happy to oblige and he certainly didn't disappoint us. Not content with delivering six numbers on his opening set he also performed an equally excellent set amongst our Jammers later in the evening. Dave began his houseband set with "Reconsider Baby", which took me several bars to get the feel. This was followed with "I Gotta Leave" before playing a number that Dave was itching to perform and being a South Londoner I'm sure he can be excused for playing the Status Quo number "Don't Waste My Time" - not strictly Blues but very much enjoyed by us all nevertheless. Another slow Blues in the form of "The Sky Is Crying" followed and it wouldn't be Dave Richards if he didn't play "Cocaine". Unfortunately his last number, "Drifting Blues", was deleted from this week's batch of mp3s owing to outside interference on the recording. A big "Thank You" to Dave Richards for not being fazed by this week's low attendance, for playing some electrifying guitar licks and for a great jam-set towards the end of the night - we'll look forward to seeing him back here soon!

We certainly weren't lacking in good music this week, and the silver lining was that we were able to give several of our Jammers double helpings. Our MC Dave Thomas and Jan Fielder headed two jam-sets - the former included a song written by the great Townes Van Zandt which I had no objection to hearing for the second successive week. Jan was brave enough to perform "Bad Moon Rising" on her first jam-set, which is always a bit risky being a non-Blues number, but she and the band got away with it.

So pleased we set up Steve Taylor's keyboard this week because after my messing about on it earlier in the evening our gifted Jammer Raf certainly gave us a wonderful demonstration of how it should be played, on the first jam-set led by Dave Thomas with Richard Stenhouse and Marc Turner. Owing to a shortage of bass-players we exploited the multi-talented Raf once again to play bass on Dave Richards' jam-set. Yet again we were pleasantly surprised when Raf got behind the mic to give us a thunderous rendition of "Ridin' On The L & N" - not only great to hear but also great to see him having such fun! Good to see another multi-talented Jammer in the shape of Wayne Worrell here again this week, this time he preferred playing drums - also good to see drummers Marc Turner and John Ward making regular visits here.

A highly enjoyable night with all due thanks to our wonderful Jammers. Time to call...

The Roll Of Honour:

  • Vocals - Jan Fielder
  • Gtr+Vocals - Dave Richards
  • Bass+Vocals - Dave Thomas and Raf
  • Sax - Peter Harvie
  • Harp - Ned Phillips
  • Keys - Raf
  • Guitar - Richard Stenhouse, Chris Greene and Kevin O'Brien
  • Bass - Terry Duggan
  • Drums - Marc Turner, John Ward, Wayne Worrell and Reg Patten

As always, Ernie King's videos can be seen and heard on his YouTube channel (see below) and a nice batch of mp3s will be loaded into the audio player by our Webmaster Ken Cumberlidge.

My thanks also to Ernie King and everyone who helped set up and put away the equipment plus extra thanks to Vera for arranging all the jam-sets.

Next week at Leytonstone Blues Jam:
Our houseband guest will be ex-C&H MC John Edmonds with the inclusion of another super guitarist in the shape of Tony Myers. Please arrive early on what promises to be a busy night.

Something For The Weekend:
There's always excellent Blues to be heard at St Harmonica's Blues Club every Friday which is well worth paying a visit, for more details visit www.thevintage.org.uk/broomfield-blues-2015--.html

The Manor Arms, 150 East India Dock Road, E14 0BP:
On Saturday 22nd September (3pm - 6pm) John Parry will be guesting with Ronnie Collins' Last Project and I know he'll be joining in the fun and games with the locals!

On Sunday 23rd September (3pm - 6pm) The Aces covers band will be performing a string of no. 1 hits from the 50s onwards - again, no shortage of great entertainment!

Thanking all our Jammers & Listeners,


Latest Video Footage
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Latest mp3s
Dave Richards [Gtr+Vocals] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Dave Richards [Gtr+Vocals] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Dave Richards [Gtr+Vocals] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Dave Richards [Gtr+Vocals] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Dave Richards [Gtr+Vocals] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Bass+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse [Gtr] / Raf [Keys] / Marc Turner [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Bass+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse [Gtr] / Raf [Keys] / Marc Turner [Drums]
Jan Fielder [Vocals] / Chris Greene [Gtr] / Ned Phillips [Harp] / Raf [Bass] / John Ward [Drums]
Jan Fielder [Vocals] / Chris Greene [Gtr] / Ned Phillips [Harp] / Raf [Bass] / John Ward [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Bass+Vocals] / Chris Greene and Kevin O'Brien [Gtrs] / Peter Harvie [Sax] / John Ward [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Bass+Vocals] / Chris Greene and Kevin O'Brien [Gtrs] / Peter Harvie [Sax] / John Ward [Drums]
Dave Richards [Gtr+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse [Gtr] / Raf [Bass] / Wayne Worrell [Drums]
Raf [Bass+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse and Dave Richards [Gtrs] / Wayne Worrell [Drums]
Jan Fielder [Vocals] / Chris Greene [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Jan Fielder [Vocals] / Chris Greene [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
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