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~ ~ December 3rd 2018 ~ ~
Our headliner:
~ ~ What happened this week... ~ ~
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From the pen of our Head Honcho and Houseband Bassist - Terry Duggan:

There's no question as to why Jimmy C (along with his Blues Dragons) is very much in demand whether it be throughout London, the Continent or even as far afield as Russia because wherever he goes he will always give 100% quality entertainment as was seen and heard by another well-attended jam this week. Both Reg Patten and myself were lucky enough to be in Jimmy's company over the weekend and although we thought we knew his repertoire Jimmy will always throw in one or two surprises to keep us on our toes. To make up the foursome on Jimmy's guest-spot we added John Crowther who certainly contributed towards an extremely enjoyable opening set by blindly working his way through an un-planned opening set which was unfamiliar to him.

To set us off in a party mood Jimmy opened up with "Whole Lot Of Fun" - which perfectly summed up the whole evening! One thing Jimmy is not known for is unnecessary lengthy solos, which is why we managed to fit it six numbers on his opening set. One number that stood out for me personally was yet another of Jimmy's self-penned numbers titled "I'll Still Be Loving You", which drew much applause and rightly so!

I was particularly pleased to see Jimmy's most regular bass-player Paul Soper making his first appearance here, Paul performed on our MC Dave Thomas's jam set towards the evening, but I couldn't resist reuniting him with his boss Jimmy C on the final set of the night which turned out to be a full-blown jam with the inclusion of Dave Thomas playing harp - and I'm sure I saw Bonnie Taylor joining in on the fun.

Thank you Jimmy C for yet another top-class performance which without doubt put a smile on everyone's faces for the rest of the evening! Thank you John Crowther for some excellent guitar-playing!

There was certainly a lot of talent on show tonight which included five newcomers. As previously mentioned we had the presence of Paul Soper (making a dash from Brentford!), my ex-Hungry Joe band mate Kevin Molyneux brought along a very good bass-player in the shape of Peter Rauxloh, we also had drummer Mal Green who put in a fine performance and I do hope we see these guys on a regular basis.

It's always good to see Jammers from our previous existence at the Coach & Horses and even The Heathcote, so how pleased was I to see drummer Vladimir here after a very lengthy break - I hardly recognised him! I just about remembered bass-player Martin Heath who along with Vladimir made a very good impression.

Each week we set up Steve Taylor's keyboard only to see it lying idle. Not so this week! That multi-talented Raf made full use of it on Dave Thomas's jam set! Raf also demonstrated how talented he is at playing guitar on Bonnie Taylor's first jam set.

Perhaps the only slight disappointment was the lack of vocalists, but thankfully we did have Bonnie and our MC Dave Thomas to make up the loss. On reflection, perhaps I should've asked Kevin Molyneux or even Alan Taylor to help out with the vocals (I do know they can sing!) - and I do hope I haven't deterred them from visiting us again after reading this!

Once again, another great night thanks to the contribution of our Jammers. Time to call...

The Roll Of Honour:

  • Vocals - Bonnie Taylor
  • Guitar+Vocals - Dave Richards
  • Bass, Harp+Vocals - Dave Thomas
  • Guitar - Kevin Molyneux, Richard Stenhouse, Raf, John Crowther, Alan Taylor, Kevin O'Brien and Chris Greene
  • Harp - Ned Phillips
  • Keys - Raf
  • Bass - Peter Rauxloh, Martin Heath and Paul Soper
  • Drums - John Ward, Mal Green, Vladimir Kosanskij, Marc Turner and Reg Patten

Ernie King's videos can be seen on his YouTube channel (see below), and our Webmaster Ken Cumberlidge will be loading a batch of mp3s into the audio player very soon.

Special thanks to Ernie King and Richard Stenhouse for setting up and packing away the equipment, I must also thank Queen Bee Vera for arranging the jam-sets and taking photos while I was on stage.

Next week at Leytonstone Blues Jam:
Next week I'll be taking a break from bass-playing when Max Edwards will be our houseband guest, demonstrating how a bass guitar should be played. Max, I'm very pleased to say, will be joined by that man Raf who will be giving Max excellent support playing guitar. Please arrive early for our start time of 8.30pm.

Something for the weekend:
As always there's top class Blues at St Harmonica's Blues Club every Friday, this week's guests are "Storm Warning". For further details, VISIT THE ST. HARMONICA'S WEBPAGE

On Saturday afternoon (8th) there's great entertainment at The Manor Arms, 150 East India Dock Road, E14 0BP when "Boogie Lightning" Jamie Rowan will be guesting with Ronnie Collins' Last Project - start time 3pm - finish at 6pm.

Later in the evening at The Woodbine Pub, Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey our good friend Dave Stein will be performing with his band "The Woodbine Blues Band" featuring guitar wizard Tony Myers starting - 9pm to 11pm.

Thanking all our Jammers & Listeners,


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Jimmy 'C' [Gtr+Vocals] / John Crowther [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Jimmy 'C' [Gtr+Vocals] / John Crowther [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Jimmy 'C' [Gtr+Vocals] / John Crowther [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Jimmy 'C' [Gtr+Vocals] / John Crowther [Gtr] / Terry Duggan [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Jimmy 'C' [Gtr+Vocals] / John Crowther [Gtr] / Dave Thomas [Harp] / Paul Soper [Bass] / Reg Patten [Drums]
Dave Richards [Gtr+Vocals] / Kevin Molyneux [Gtr] / Peter Rauxloh [Bass] / Mal Green [Drums]
Dave Richards [Gtr+Vocals] / Kevin Molyneux [Gtr] / Peter Rauxloh [Bass] / Mal Green [Drums]
Bonnie Taylor [Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse and Raf [Gtrs] / Peter Rauxloh [Bass] / Mal Green [Drums]
COME ON, BABY (Give Me A Kiss)
Bonnie Taylor [Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse and Raf [Gtrs] / Peter Rauxloh [Bass] / Mal Green [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Bass+Vocals] / John Crowther and Alan Taylor [Gtr] / Ned Phillips [Harp] / Vladimir Kosanskij [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Bass+Vocals] / John Crowther and Alan Taylor [Gtr] / Ned Phillips [Harp] / Vladimir Kosanskij
Bonnie Taylor [Vocals] / Kevin O'Brien and Chris Greene [Gtrs] / Martin Heath [Bass] / Marc Turner [Drums]
Bonnie Taylor [Vocals] / Kevin O'Brien and Chris Greene [Gtrs] / Martin Heath [Bass] / Marc Turner [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Harp+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse [Gtr] / Raf [Keys] / Paul Soper [Bass] / Marc Turner [Drums]
Dave Thomas [Harp+Vocals] / Richard Stenhouse [Gtr] / Raf [Keys] / Paul Soper [Bass] / Marc Turner [Drums]
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